Toyota TPAT Overview

You’ll give your career a powerful boost when you add Toyota Professional Automotive Technician (TPAT) training to your Automotive Technology or Automotive/Diesel Technology program. Designed and equipped by Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., TPAT is offered exclusively at UTI and is designed to put you on a pathway to becoming a Toyota or Lexus service technician. 


Students in the TPAT program receive focused training on Toyota and Lexus procedures, equipment and vehicles, including the Toyota Prius with its hybrid drive system. They are also trained in Toyota Express Maintenance Procedures.

Graduates earn credit for 9 Toyota and 5 Lexus courses leading to certification. They’ll also receive their own Toyota SPIN training ID that tracks their Toyota and Lexus training history within the dealer network.

Program graduates can achieve Toyota Technician Expert status upon completion of all on-campus, post campus and tenure requirements. This is the second tier in Toyota’s dealer network.

Toyota Professional Automotive Technician (TPAT)


What You'll Learn

  • Toyota 1
  • Toyota culture, traditions and product line. Toyota wiring diagrams and electrical diagnostic tools will be used to perform diagnosis on various electrical circuit problems, such as open and short circuits, circuit resistance and feedback problems.

  • Toyota 2
  • Toyota Hybrid general service procedures, including safety and repair procedures related to air conditioning diagnosis and service procedures; diagnosing engine control systems; recovering diagnostic trouble codes; inspecting fuel system components and diagnosing performance concerns.

  • Toyota 3
  • Perform tire and wheel service, inspect suspension components, diagnose power steering problems, diagnose vehicle handling concerns and perform various alignment methods.

  • Toyota 4
  • Receive training in Toyota Express Maintenance procedures, including vehicle maintenance service, safety and multipoint inspections. ASE certification preparation and training will be emphasized throughout the course.

UTI Employer - Chris Roach, Toyota of Naperville

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