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Are You a UTI Norwood Grad Looking for Help?

UTI Norwood is no longer taking applications, but our Student Services and Employment Services teams are still here to help our UTI Norwood graduates. Just click the email link below.

Changes at UTI Norwood

After 14 years and more than 6,500 graduates UTI-Norwood will graduate its last class of students in the fall of 2020, and is no longer accepting new student applications at this location only. UTI is accepting applications at all our other 12 campuses nationwide. You can explore other campuses here and/or speak to someone about our campuses and programs at 800-834-7308.

Current students, as well as students with class start dates of February 25th and March 18th:

You will have the opportunity to complete your training programs and graduate with the skills needed to work as automotive and diesel technicians at the Norwood campus. We remain committed to you, and to providing the quality education and student support services we have provided for 14 years at this campus and for 53 years at UTI campuses across the nation. Our Education and Student Services teams will continue to support you, including the assistance of the campus Employment Services team.

Future students scheduled to start class at the Norwood campus after March 18th:

If you want to attend and graduate from the Norwood campus, you may move your start date to February 25th or March 18th, enrolling in Automotive Technology, Automotive Technology with Ford FACT, or the Diesel Technology program.

If you wish to transfer to another UTI campus, there will be no additional fees or charges. We will also provide housing assistance and work with you to make the transition.

If you are enrolled at Norwood and choose not to continue your education with UTI, you will be refunded for any payments made to UTI or Collegiate Housing Services (CHS).

UTI remains committed to your education and career success. Please don’t hesitate to contact your representative or the Norwood campus to let a member of the UTI team know how we can best support you through this time of transition.