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David Dyck Brings a Lifetime of Experience to MMI Phoenix Classrooms

"You really want to have passion for this. If it’s something that you enjoy doing, why not do it? When I go home from work I can still go out to my garage and still tinker on my stuff and enjoy it."


For those who don’t ride, buying a motorcycle just three weeks after having a wreck would be unimaginable. But for those who’ve dedicated their lives to the rumble and roar of two wheels, it makes perfect sense. Before David Dyck even had surgery to fix his damaged knees, he was loading up a new street bike into the back of his truck.

It was during this period of convalescence that David saw a commercial for Motorcycle Mechanics Institute (MMI) from a hospital bed. His body may have been broken from the wreck, but his spirit was still intact. He made a decision that would change his life - he would leave his native Canada and attend MMI in Phoenix, AZ. He enrolled in 2000 and graduated in 2001. Today he’s an instructor at the very same school that gave him his start.

David’s passion for motorcycles started at just eight years old. His two older brothers had bought an inoperable motorcycle from a family member. And just like many youthful endeavors, distractions got in the way of his brothers’ ambitions. The bike laid in pieces as they went on to other things. They told David that the bike was his if he wanted it.
With the help of his dad and assisted by a service manual, they gathered all of the parts and put it back together. Of course his brothers wanted the bike back once it was up and running again. Anyone who has older siblings knows how that goes.

He got an early start with this motorcycle and was soon racing motocross. Since this young age, motorcycles have been a lifetime obsession. From his earliest mechanical inclinations, through his accident and beyond, support from his family has always been there. He’s been lucky that no matter what he chooses to do, his parents have been there to help and guide him.

Anyone who loves motorcycles know that they’re more than just a means of transportation. It’s a lifestyle. It’s about hitting the back-roads with friends. New destinations mean new experiences. Moving to Phoenix, AZ offers so many opportunities for those who love to ride.

“It’s the freedom, throw a helmet on, go out riding with your friends, just going out whether it’s the track, the desert, wherever… seeing new places and meeting new people. There’s nothing like it.”

For David, there was only one career path that he wanted to follow and that was in motorcycles. MMI helped him develop the skills he needed to get out there and work in the industry. He knew the challenges that he faced. It wasn’t easy for him to pack up everything and move to Phoenix where he didn’t know anybody. And he now knows how hard it can be early on in one’s career when you first start working at a dealership.

He can connect his own life’s journey with that of his students because he knows what it’s like to be in their place and what challenges may lie ahead for them. All of these life experiences help him be a better instructor. Not only does he know the material that he teaches, he understands how things work in the real world. What has driven him is the same thing that drives his students, and that’s the love of motorcycles.

“You really want to have passion for this. If it’s something that you enjoy doing, why not do it? I would rather turn wrenches my whole life then go work in a restaurant, because that’s not my passion. When I go home from work I can still go out to my garage and still tinker on my stuff and enjoy it.”

Having excitement for what you do is important. But commitment, dedication, and wanting to learn are necessary attributes that you need to succeed. Even after a student graduates, they need to be ready to adapt and be open to expanding their knowledge. “You’re never done learning, there’s always going to be new bikes and new situations. But you’re living that dream of what you’ve wanted to do, whether it’s working on your own stuff at home, or working on the dealership, live your dream and put 110% effort into it.”

David gets to live the life of doing what he’s always wanted to do. Even surviving a motorcycle accident didn’t change the focus of his life. In fact, it gave him a new direction to work in the motorcycle industry, and eventually led him to become an instructor.

Motorcyclists are like one big family. If you want to learn and work with those who are just like you, MMI is the place to be. MMI has given David a new home, and a new life, so far from where he started in Canada, but he’s exactly where he wants to be.

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