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Refinish technicians, also known as automotive painters or paint technicians, are trained to mix and apply paint to the surface of a vehicle and help restore it to pre-accident condition.

To learn how to paint cars, most automotive painters go through some sort of formal training and education to gain the skills they need. Attending a program at a trade school can be the best place to start for those interested in the career path.

Automotive Painting Courses

UTI’s CRRT program features several auto body repair courses, including ones that cover how to refinish and paint vehicles:

  • Introduction to Refinishing: Students learn procedures for paint removal.

  • Vehicle Preparation for Painting: This course covers color characteristics, mixing paint from vehicle codes and obtaining blendable matches.

  • Finish Applications: In this course, the principles of blending are covered, as well as how to identify and solve paint application/finish problems.

  • Skills Application: Training from previous courses is applied; students apply paint to panels and final details to restore vehicles to like-new condition.

  • Custom Paint Fundamentals: Airbrush techniques and special-effect paint techniques are covered in this course.

While the CRRT program does not specifically teach car painting, students learn fundamentals and gain experience that they could apply to a career as a paint technician once they graduate.

Auto Body Painting Courses Near Me

Interested in the education and training UTI has to offer? There are two campuses currently offering the CRRT program: Long Beach, California and Houston, Texas.

UTI offers a range of support services to make attending possible, including housing assistance for those who need to relocate. We know school is an investment in your future, and we want to make the process as easy as possible!

I-CAR Certifications

UTI Collision Repair graduates earn recognition of their high level of training as I-CAR ProLevel individuals and receive I-CAR certificates for:

  • Non-Structural Technician Level 1
  • Steel Structural Technician Level 1
  • Aluminum Structural Technician Level 1
  • Estimating Level 1
  • Refinish Technician Level 2

In addition, graduates who achieve the Axalta Refinish Certification receive Refinish Technician Level 3 status to become Platinum individuals.

Additional Auto Body Repair Certifications


The skills and experience gained in our Auto Body Repair Training program can help prepare students for careers. Be proactive about your future and request info today.

How much do entry-level auto body mechanics make?

Dec 11, 2020, 15:20 PM
The median annual salary for automotive body and related repairers in the United States was $47,670 in May 2022,28 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). This means half of auto body mechanics earned more and half earned less. Keep in mind that salary depends on several factors, including experience, employer, demand and cost of living in the area. To learn more, visit our auto body mechanic salary guide.
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