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High School Articulation

Give your students a head start by establishing Articulation Agreements with UTI, NASCAR Tech & MMI

Students have the opportunity to take advantage of:

  • Advanced Placement
  • Lower Tuition Costs
  • Less Time to Graduate
  • Career Fast Track

How can you help your students get the most out of their education?

By establishing Articulation Agreements with UTI, NASCAR Tech and MMI, you'll make it possible for your students to take advantage of advanced placement in technician training programs with one of the nation's leading providers of postsecondary technical training.

Contact your UTI/NASCAR Tech/MMI Admissions Representative today to learn more about:

  • UTI's Alliance for Automotive Program Articulation
  • How your school's automotive program can become NATEF-accredited
  • The benefits of maintaining Articulation Agreements with UTI, NASCAR Tech and MMI automotive, diesel, collision repair and motorcycle programs.
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Articulation agreements with UTI, NASCAR Tech & MMI can put your students on the fast track

Your school has a tremendous opportunity to help its vocational students capitalize on their education and get a head start on postsecondary training that leads directly to a rewarding career path. By establishing Articulation Agreements with Universal Technical Institute (UTI), NASCAR Technical Institute (NASCAR Tech) and Motorcyle Mechanics Institute (MMI), your school can make it possible for qualified, motivated students to earn advanced placement or discounts in professional technician training programs. That means students can save time and money by receiving credit for certain courses they've already mastered in your school's vocational education program.

Advanced Placement Opportunities

To qualify for advanced placement with UTI, NASCAR Tech or MMI, students must graduate from secondary schools with Articulation Agreements on file with UTI, NASCAR Tech or MMI. Advanced placement opportunities are available for up to four UTI, NASCAR Tech or MMI courses. Eligible students must start their postsecondary training within one year of high school graduation.

For automotive and diesel students, their secondary schools' programs must have earned appropriate NATEF accreditation. For collision repair students, their schools' programs must be members of the I-CAR Industry Training Alliance in order for them to take advantage of the advanced placement opportunity. Collision repair students from programs that are not members of the I-CAR Industry Training Alliance but have NATEF Collision Repair certifications are only eligible for a $500 articulation discount. NATEF accreditation does not apply toward advanced placement at MMI.

The UTI and NASCAR Tech basic engine rebuilding courses and the MMI theory course are excluded from advanced placement. This is to ensure all students possess the appropriate level of technical knowledge essential for their educational and professional success.


Accelerate Your Students' Success

UTI’s Automotive/Diesel & Industrial Technology and Collision Repair & Refinish Technology programs are accredited by the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF). UTI graduates are well prepared to complete the ASE examination process and may be able to substitute their training for one of the two years of work experience required to become ASE certified.

Automotive Technology, Diesel & Industrial Technology, Collision Repair & Refinish Technology, Motorcycle Technician Specialist

Advanced Placement Opportunity Test

During orientation week at UTI, NASCAR Tech and MMI, students are required to take the Advanced Placement Opportunities (APO) test to assess their knowledge level in the course or courses in which they are attempting to receive advanced placement credit. Failure to test during orientation week will disqualify a student from advanced placement.

Students who qualify for advanced placement and earn a passing grade in the required written test will receive credit for that course and not be required to take the course. However, a student who has successfully tested out of a course can still choose to enroll in that course at the original tuition price. Students who fail the written test will be required to take the corresponding UTI, NASCAR Tech or MMI course at the original tuition cost but will receive a one-time $500 articulation discount toward UTI, NASCAR Tech or MMI tuition.

UTI, NASCAR Tech and MMI reserve the right to modify this program in any way at their sole discretion.
**Not all programs take a year to graduate. UTI cannot guarantee employment.

Advanced Placement

Automotive and Diesel

Advanced placement in the UTI and NASCAR Tech Automotive Technology and Diesel & Industrial Technology programs is offered for up to four high school automotive courses with the following NATEF accreditation:

Levels of NATEF accreditation:

  • Maintenance and Light Repair (MLR)
  • Auto Service Technology (AST)
  • Master Auto Service Technology (MAST)

Courses not eligible for advanced placement:

  • Automotive Engines & Repair (ADTC-101)
  • NASCAR Engines I (ADTN-140)
  • NASCAR Engines II (ADTN-141)

Collision Repair

Advanced placement in the UTI Collision Repair & Refinish Technology program is offered for up to four high school collision repair courses corresponding to the following UTI courses, provided the school has an active I-CAR Industry Training Alliance membership:

CRRT eligible courses:

  • Exterior Panel Alignment (CRRT-101)
  • Exterior Panel Repair II (CRRT-124)
  • Welding & Cutting (CRRT-105)
  • Introducation to Refinishing (CRRT-108)


Advanced placement in the MMI Motorcycle Technician Specialist program is offered for up to four high school motorcycle technology courses corresponding to the courses listed below. Curriculum review and approval by the MMI Education Director is required.

MMI Eligible Courses:

  • Engines Power Flow & Precision Measuring (MCCL-001)
  • Suspension & Chassis Systems (MCCL-002)
  • Machining Operations & Precision Measuring (MCCL-003)
  • Electrical A—Design & Operation (MCCL-004)
  • Vehicle Maintenance (MCCL-005)
  • Engine Troubleshooting & Noise Diagnosis (MCCL-006)

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