Kawasaki K-Tech Specialist Overview

MMI’s exclusive Kawasaki K-Tech Specialist program, which is endorsed and supported directly by Kawasaki, includes a strong emphasis on hands-on training to prepare students for rewarding jobs at Kawasaki dealerships.

The 12-week program is unique because it encompasses all Kawasaki vehicles, including motorcycles, ATVs, utility vehicles, personal watercraft and recreation utility vehicles (gas and diesel).

Kawasaki provides MMI’s K-Tech Specialist instructors with ongoing training to make sure they are teaching students the most current technologies.


Graduates receive a Kawasaki-endorsed entry-level technician certificate, enabling them to start their careers right away.
Student Lab in Kawasaki Motorcycle Mechanic Training Program at MMI
Kawasaki Training Lab in K-Tech Specialist Program at MMI


What You'll Learn

  • K-TECH: Unit 1
  • Familiarize yourself with Kawasaki’s electrical and fuel-injection systems, as you work on troubleshooting charging, ignition, starting and fuel injection systems.

  • K-TECH: Unit 2
  • Learn how to work on motorcycle chassis, suspension and brakes; motorcycle engines and transmissions; and, periodic maintenance.

  • K-TECH: Unit 3
  • Work on V-twins, ATVs and Teryx models. Learn about Mule utility vehicles and diesel Mules engine service.

  • K-TECH: Unit 4
  • Finish off your K-TECH specialist training learning basic watercraft design and theory, while working on the Jet Ski and Ultra 250/260 Jet Ski electrical systems.


Number of Kawasaki graduates trained by MMI

Available At These Campuses


Phoenix, AZ (MMI)

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Orlando, FL (MMI)

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