Honda HonTech Elective Overview

MMI is the only technical school that offers a Honda 24-week HonTech authorized training program elective, which gives you the opportunity to complete Honda Dealer Training Certificates – previously only available to service technicians with field experience.


You'll have the opportunity to complete every Honda certification, including routine maintenance, advanced fuel induction and many other programs.

Once all of these certifications are successfully completed, you'll earn Registered status with Honda, enabling you to begin your career immediately.

Honda Motorcycle Mechanic Student Using Diagnostic Software in MMI Training Lab
Student in Honda Motorcycle Elective Using Diagnostic Software


What You'll Learn

  • HonTech: Module 1 - Engine Service
  • Learn the design characteristics of various Honda motorcycle and ATV engine configurations.

  • HonTech: Module 2 - ATVs/Suspensions
  • Use workstations in the ATV module to learn all aspects of ATV servicing, model identification, principles of operation and safety procedures.

  • HonTech: Module 3 - Electrical Systems
  • Gain an understanding of Honda wiring diagrams and their interpretation and use on motorcycles, scooters, ATVs and power equipment, including generators.

  • HonTech: Module 4 - Vehicle Maintenance
  • Learn how to service and maintain Honda motorcycles, scooters, ATVs and power equipment engines.

  • HonTech: Module 5 - Engine and Suspension
  • Start your journey toward becoming a Honda Registered Technician by gaining even more knowledge and experience in engine service, chassis setup, and suspension component service and vehicle maintenance.

  • HonTech: Module 6 - Advanced Electrical
  • Build on the skills and knowledge gained in HonTech I. Advanced Electrical will provide training in the areas of electrical troubleshooting.

  • HonTech: Module 7 - ATV Engines and Maintenance
  • Learn to disassemble, inspect, reassemble and test run TRX ATV engines. You also will learn to troubleshoot and service the Hondamatic hydrostatic transmission.

  • HonTech: Module 8 - Advanced Fuel and Maintenance
  • You’ll complete the journey toward becoming a Honda Registered Technician in this final module. You’ll demonstrate skills and knowledge previously learned in HonTech I as you work on carburetion and fuel injection systems, and learn more about troubleshooting PGM-FI systems.

Student Lab in Honda Authorized Training Program at MMI
Hands-On Lab Training in Honda Elective At MMI


Number of Honda Dealer Training Certificates available to successful HonTech graduates


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