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Blackboard Ultra FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to purchase software to access your online courses?

    There are no charges to access the online content. You can use your UTI email to access the online courses in Blackboard Ultra. All you need is a computer or mobile device with online access.

  • Will online instruction be available 24/7?

    Yes. You'll be able to access the instructor-led online component of your training in Blackboard Ultra 24/7.

  • Are you going to take attendance for online classes?

    Students are graded on academic progress, which is the foundation for attendance/participation in the online component of the course. Lab attendance/participation is based on quiz and lab assignment completion. Students will earn online attendance credit by completing at least one full assignment in Blackboard Ultra.

  • How many hours per day should students dedicate to their online course component?

    The time spent each day is variable based on enrolled program and complexity of the courses. The student’s learning style, industry experience, previous learning, skill and ability, study habits, and motivation contribute to the time dedicated to complete the online component. We also encourage students to review additional material and resources that are available online to supplement their learning. UTI believes the range of daily work would be up to three (3) hours, with an average of approximately two (2) hours each day.

  • How do I take online classes if I don’t have access to the internet?

    You can work with the Education and Student Services teams at your campus to get access to the Learning Resource Center for access to the internet. Access will be dependent on guidance from health officials to ensure the health and safety of students and staff. Also, there are many businesses that offer free WiFi.

    Please reach out to your Student Services representative to discuss the best options for you. Please click here for campus contact information: We’re here to help you!

  • Can I take online classes with a tablet or mobile device?

    Yes. Blackboard Ultra simply requires a web browser (preferably Google Chrome) with access to WiFi or any Internet connection. It is highly recommended to use the web browser versus the Blackboard app to access all of the course content.

  • Is your online training compatible on Mac, PC, iOS, and Android?

    Yes. Blackboard Ultra is compatible with most operating systems. However, it is recommended that your access your online training using the Google Chrome browser.

  • Will classes in Blackboard Ultra be interactive?

    The online course content will consist of recorded instructor lectures, instructor classroom demonstrations and instructor-led lab demonstrations. The courses will allow for live interaction with the instructor through on-campus labs and scheduled tutoring sessions.

  • Need more information? Contact your campus specific Education team here:

    Avondale: 623-245-4600

    Houston: 281-443-6262 – press 0 and ask for Education

    Lisle: 630-529-2662

    Rancho Cucamonga: 909-484-1929

    Exton: 610-646-8551

    Sacramento: 916-263-9100 – press 7 for Education

    NASCAR Tech: 704-658-1950

    MMI Phoenix: 623-869-9644

    Orlando: 407-240-2422 – press 0 and ask for Education

    Dallas Fort Worth: 972-505-2200

    Long Beach: 562-541-7000

    Bloomfield: 973-866-2297

Technical Support

If you need technical support with your UTI student email account, please contact our support team at (877) 340-4447. If you have already set up your UTI email account but have forgotten the password, please click this link. If you have not set up your UTI student email, you will find set-up instructions here.

Technical Support Hours

  • Mon-Thu: 5:00 AM (PST) - 7:00 PM (PST)
  • Fri: 5:00 AM (PST) - 5:00 PM (PST)