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The Wind Turbine program prepares students for careers in an innovative industry.

Wind Technician Program Locations

Wind Technician Training Program Overview

More emphasis is being placed on generating cost-efficient, environmentally friendly energy sources. Wind is one of those renewable energy sources, which is in need of technicians to install turbines and keep them running.

Wind turbine technicians service wind turbine towers by climbing a ladder inside the turbine or riding an elevator to the desired working height. In some rare cases, like off-shore wind, they’re lifted by helicopter! To prepare to enter the wind industry, we offer a wind technician training program that’s hands-on, interactive and has instructors experienced in the field to provide support and important insight.18

Wind Technician Training Program Goals and Length

In just 30 weeks, you could have the skills needed to enter the field as an entry-level wind turbine technician.1

We want our students to acquire the skills needed to pursue a career in the wind industry, which is why we have relationships with employers and industry leaders to develop a curriculum that provides relevant, real-world knowledge. To see more information on careers in the wind industry, head here.

Wind Technician Training Program Locations

No matter the location you choose, you’ll get to work hands-on in labs with experienced instructors. Wind technician training is offered at 3 locations:

Canton, MI | MIAT

Right by Detroit, MIAT College of Technology in Canton, part of UTI’s family of schools, offers programs ranging from Wind Power to Robotics & Automation, which are designed to give you the knowledge and skills required by the industry.

Houston, TX | MIAT

As the world’s fifth largest wind power producer in the world, Texas is a great place to study at the MIAT College of Technology, part of UTI’s family of schools. Programs offered here are designed to give you the knowledge and skills required by the industry.

COMING TO UTI: Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Wind Technician training is coming to our Rancho Cucamonga campus! We prepare students for careers in the transportation, skilled trades and energy industries. Also home to the country’s largest wind farm, California can be a great place to train.


With Illinois being a top state for wind electricity generation, UTI Lisle can be a great place to train in wind energy. Lisle is just 27 miles from Chicago and has its own beautiful downtown district, offering plenty of things for students to do when they’re not busy training.

Wind Technician Training Program Information

To be eligible to apply for the Wind Technician training program, students need to supply one of the following:

  • Standards-based high school diploma
  • State-issued GED certificate or state-authorized equivalent exam
  • Successful completion of a degree program at the post-secondary level or evidence of having previously attended a Title IV-eligible program
  • Completion of an officially recognized home-schooling program

For more information, head here. Talk with an Admissions Representative for details on all Wind Technician program requirements.


  • What skills do you need to pursue work in wind?

    To work in the wind industry, some skills needed include not being afraid of heights, problem solving and analytical thinking. Although no formal education is required, many employers want to have some proof that you are knowledgeable in the field, which is where wind technician training can be beneficial.

  • What are the benefits of becoming a wind turbine technician?

    Some benefits include a variety in day-to-day duties, hands-on work and traveling. Additionally, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median annual salary for wind power technicians in the United States was $57,320 in May 2022.61 This means half earned more and half earned less. Keep in mind that salary depends on several factors, including experience, employer, demand and cost of living in the area.

  • What are some wind turbine technician careers?

    Some careers graduates of this program can go on to pursue include wind power technicians, installation technicians and field service technicians. As far as industries go, they can pursue careers in service, manufacturing, construction, quality assurance and safety monitoring, commissioning and even sales.

    It’s important to make it clear to those interested in wind technician training that this program prepares graduates for entry-level roles, but as with any career, there may be advancement opportunities that require additional skills and experience.

  • Do I need any other certifications or licenses to be a wind turbine technician?

    Certification requirements vary by employer. For example, some employers might want to see certification under the Global Wind Organization (GWO). Our program is designed to mirror what the industry requires and give the skills today’s employers are looking for.


In less than a year, you could be prepared to pursue a career path in the wind power industry. Come participate in training that’s hands-on, developed with employers and led by experienced instructors ready to support you and provide insight. Apply today!