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Thermo King West


About Thermo King West

Thermo King West (TKW) based in Tolleson, Arizona, is the nation’s premier Thermo King dealership. For more than 20 years, our company has been supporting the temperature-controlled transportation industry with the most advanced equipment and service network anywhere.

Thermo King’s expertise doesn’t just apply to refrigerated trailers. Our business includes:

  • Installing and servicing transport refrigeration units and auxiliary power units
  • Building aerial bucket trucks
  • Insulating vans for cold transport
  • Repairing trailers
  • Selling and servicing electric vehicles

We have a large selection of engine-driven products for smaller bobtail trucks and delivery vans, and service and support for these fleets is critical. We also sell the leading diesel-powered auxiliary power unit (APU) for sleeper trucks. Thermo King has shops from California to Delaware.

Our company culture focuses heavily on the employee and the customer, as exemplified in our mission statement: “Taking Care of Customers. Taking Care of Each Other.” Our concern is for our employees, who work with our customers. We look for employees who want to expand on their education and grow into becoming high-earning technicians.

A seasoned tech will become an expert in diesel engines, computer software and refrigeration. Because of these skills, we like to say, “There are no Thermo King technicians in the unemployment line.” We at TKW trust that this approach offers fulfillment for our employees, as evidenced by our recent Dealer of the Year award from Thermo King corporation!

Opportunities at Thermo King West

Employees can advance in their careers based on Thermo King’s solid certification model for technicians. Furthermore, our varied business lines and multiple shop locations allow employees to work in different settings if they desire.

At TKW, we offer excellent benefits and provide an inviting work environment. Our part-time positions allow Universal Technical Institute (UTI) student-workers to grow in knowledge and experience in their field. At graduation, a variety of full-time opportunities can be discussed.1

A sister company to TKW, Utility Crane & Equipment (UCE), is on the same property and under common management. Some of your on-the-job experience will include time at UCE. This company builds custom aerial bucket trucks for the utility industry, beginning with the chassis and adding a body and an aerial device. Much of the work is customized per the customer’s wishes. The work is strong in electronics and hydraulics.


Enrolled UTI students must apply to Employment Services by emailing