18 Jun, 2018

Welding History Goes Back Farther Than You Think

The history of welding goes back farther than you think. We can prove it.
22 May, 2018

He's an ASE Certified Technician at 23

Luke Franta is 23 years old and an ASE certified technician. Curious about what it takes to become ASE certified? We can help.
21 May, 2018

The Vintage Café Racer Movement

Learn the history about where Café Racers came from and the class we offer about these and other iconic vintage bikes.
18 May, 2018

Meet the Two MMIs

There are two MMIs. One is the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute. The other is the Marine Mechanics Institute. This article breaks down the difference between the two.
17 May, 2018


Becoming a certified marine diesel mechanic isn't out of reach. UTI’s Marine Mechanic Institute will get you closer.
16 May, 2018

10 Things Every Technician Needs to Know

We asked ten successful technicians what advice they would give to people who are just starting out in their careers, or are considering going to a technical school.
15 May, 2018

The Mechanic's Path to ASE Certification

You can work as a mechanic without ASE certification, but having it distinguishes you from other technicians. It also helps improve employability.
10 May, 2018

You Can Go Places With a Career in Welding

You probably have an idea what a welder does, but do you know what a career in welding looks like? This will help...
09 May, 2018

UTI Grad Wins Platinum Award at Cavallino Classic Car Show

Greg Miller began his career at BMW after graduating from Universal Technical Institute Houston. He never expected his passion for cars would take him to the nation’s largest Ferrari showcase competition.
08 May, 2018

The Difference Between College, Trade School & Universal Technical Institute

Every year, millions of high school students and workers face the dilemma or whether they should pursue an education at a traditional 4-year college/university or trade school.
02 May, 2018

Why UTI Students Should Apply For the MRW Work Ethic Scholarships

Skilled trades are in more demand now more than ever, and there are scholarships that could help you prepare for a career in those skilled trades.
25 Apr, 2018

Becoming an Auto Technician is a Good Career Plan

UTI graduate Jackson Chartier has a passion for cars but pursuing a career in automotive and diesel technology wasn’t his plan. Until now.
18 Apr, 2018

Mike Rowe's Foundation Offers Scholarships

You may have the impression that being an auto mechanic is a dirty job but with a little help from Mike Rowe, you might start thinking otherwise.
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