MMI Grad Zach Gaulin: From Motorcycle Enthusiast to Technician

Sep 23, 2020 ·
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Like many preparing to graduate, MMI-Orlando student Zach Gaulin faced questions about what’s next and if he was prepared to start the next chapter of his life. However, Zach felt confident in his career choice and the training he received from Motorcycle Mechanics Institute.

Shortly after graduating, Zach began working on Harley-Davidson motorcycles in Portland, Maine and remains excited about where his newfound skills and knowledge will take him in the motorcycle industry.  

Keep reading to learn about Zach’s journey at MMI and how he went from motorcycle enthusiast to a Harley-Davidson technician.

Interest Turned Career Path

While Zach always had an interest in bikes, he didn’t know he wanted to become a motorcycle technician from the beginning. His curiosity about turning his passion into a career was first sparked when he saw information about MMI on Facebook.

After researching MMI, he signed up to talk with an admissions representative, which led to a three-hour phone call.

Zach hadn’t been the best student in high school, but he felt like his representative at MMI understood him and was confident the school would be the key to his future. So, he decided to take the leap and immediately enrolled in the Motorcycle Technician training program.

Top of the Class

From the moment Zach started his program at MMI-Orlando, he knew he had made the right decision.

He felt his instructors genuinely cared about each individual student and went above and beyond to ensure they understood the material that was being taught. MMI instructors provided real-life examples and encouraged in-class discussions, which fit Zach’s hands-on, theoretical learning style.

Encouraged by the faculty and staff at MMI, Zach studied hard both in class and at home. His hard work and dedication paid off, as he was recognized as “Student of the Course” in seven of his courses—an accomplishment he’d never achieved during his earlier academic career.

Throughout his time at MMI, Zach felt he found something he truly enjoyed and was good at doing. As graduation approached, he knew he had the tools to succeed, and was certain he had chosen the right career path.

From MMI to the Service Department

After graduating in February 2020, Zach was eager to get to work. While interviewing for jobs during a global health pandemic was challenging, it wasn’t long before he secured a job as a technician at Big Moose Harley-Davidson in Maine.

Today, Zach loves his job and is energized by the people he works with. He attributes the employees’ “can-do” attitudes with the shop’s overall positive work environment.

While no two days are exactly alike, a typical day on the job for Zach includes taking care of routine tire and oil changes. His managers are always sure to schedule him on more difficult tasks, such as electrical diagnostics, to ensure he remains challenged and continues to learn.

Zach credits his training from MMI for giving him the confidence he has in his job. According to him, the training he received has helped him feel prepared for anything that comes his way.

Keeping the Passion Alive During the Pandemic

During the pandemic, Zach has seen many bikers take to the open road to ease their minds during these uncertain times. This has led to a spike in bike safety inspections, which is something Zach tackles with pride.

With every brake and tire check, he knows that he and his co-workers are using their skills to keep people safe and happy amid the pandemic.

Driven and Dreaming

Though Zach graduated and started his job less than a year ago, he’s already planning to return to MMI to expand his motorcycle knowledge through the Yamaha and BMW motorcycle courses. He believes diversifying his bike knowledge will help him to achieve his ultimate goal, which is to one day own his own custom bike shop.

“Building unique bikes for passionate motorcyclists would be a dream come true,” Zach shares. He went on to say that hard work, experience and a solid education from MMI are the tools he’ll need to make this dream a reality.

Advice for Aspiring Technicians

Zach learned a lot during his time at MMI. His advice for aspiring technicians? Be ready and willing to learn!

Students may come to school with some prior knowledge, but it’s important to listen and learn from the experienced instructors around you. It’s also important to be willing to put in the work both in and out of class, and to always remain open to learning.

According to Zach, if a student follows these tips, they’ll walk away with more knowledge than they’d ever expected to gain while attending school.

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