How Universal Technical Institute Graduates Fit the Service King Way

"Technicians who show passion for what they do are really in great demand right now."

For those who are interested in where an automotive career can take them, a great place to look is Service King Collision Repair Center. Service King was founded in Dallas in 1976 by Eddie Lennox, a mechanic who grew a tiny body shop to more than 300 locations in 24 states across the country. Service King is now one of the nation’s largest collision repair chains. Many of its workers graduated from Universal Technical Institute (UTI).

“If I could describe Service King in one word, it’s family,” says Service King communication manager Britton Drown. “We continue that today. This is a company that believes what they preach, believes what they do and continues to support one another. It’s a company that has provided opportunity for countless teammates across the country.”

One of those teammates is UTI graduate Alyssa Culver, who attended UTI in Houston. Alyssa went through the Service King apprentice development program while she was at UTI. During the 52-week curriculum, she learned Service King procedures and was offered a job with Service King before she even graduated UTI. The training of Alyssa and other former apprentices doesn’t stop there.

“Once they come through the program, we have a national support center that continues to provide on-the-job training throughout the year,” Britton says. “This is an evolving industry. Technology continues to increase, so it’s important. We believe in equipping our technicians with continued training as they grow throughout their career.”

Why Service King Looks to UTI for Talent

UTI provides so much talent for Service King because of the knowledgeable instruction and preparation students get working on today’s top vehicles. There are a couple other factors that stand out to Service King hirers.

“When we go recruit UTI students, we’re really looking for someone who shows consistency in their attendance at UTI, has good grades, and really shows a passion for wanting to begin a career in the collision and repair industry,” Britton says. “At Service King, we’re looking for technicians who really have a drive for the industry. We really follow the Service King way, which is integrity in what we do.”

Other Service King values include quality, growth and service. Apprentices who join the Service King program get to witness those in action from their supervisors and are expected to carry those values with them once they’re full-time.

High Technician Demand, Lots of Opportunity

Britton says with the growth of Service King, there are collision repair technician opportunities all throughout the country. Britton encourages high school students and anyone who is interested in learning a skilled trade to consider this extremely lucrative career path.

“Technicians who show passion for what they do are really in great demand right now,” Britton says. “The automotive collision repair industry is something that will always be in demand as long as there are vehicles on the road.”

According to the United States Department of Labor, there are 7,300 new automotive body and glass repairer jobs expected to be added to the United States between 2018 and 2028. The Occupational Outlook Handbook reports most employers prefer to hire repairers who have completed a training program, like UTI.

Working for a company like Service King, with locations throughout the United States, also gives students opportunities if they want to grow with the company over time, relocate, etc.

“This is a great option for anybody looking for a career that’s always going to be in-demand that has open positions,” Britton says. “If you come out of UTI as a qualified technician, and you begin your career with Service King, we have options all over the country. We continue to grow today.”

To learn about UTI’s Collision Repair & Refinish Technology (CRRT) program, contact UTI for info.


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