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Industrial Maintenance Technician Training

Train to become a skilled industrial technician in less than a year.1

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Industrial Maintenance Technician Training

Train to become a skilled industrial technician in less than a year.1

Industrial Maintenance Technician Training

From gas and coal to nuclear and solar, industrial maintenance technicians work on the machinery that powers many different industries. The Industrial Maintenance Technician program is designed to get students on track toward a career in the industry in less than a year.1

30-39 weeks* From start to finish

*Program length varies by campus.

4 campuses Locations to train

Industrial Maintenance Technician Courses

The courses in this program are designed to build your knowledge from the ground up. No prior experience is required.

  • Energy Industrial Fundamentals and Safety Compliance
  • Math, OSHA-10 and First Aid
  • Applied Physics and Precision Measuring
  • DC and AC Basic Electricity
  • Advanced Electrical Theory
  • Materials Processing, Welding and Diesel
  • Industrial Heating and Cooling, and Compression Systems
  • Steam and Gas Turbines, Boiler Operations, and Valves

Industrial Maintenance Technician Training and Career Paths

Industrial maintenance technicians perform maintenance and repairs on various types of machines. On any given day, they may perform diagnostics, clean and lubricate machinery, or test damaged parts to determine if they need replacing.

Within this industry, there are different career avenues that can be pursued by skilled technicians. Most of our grads start out working as entry-level technicians or in other entry-level roles. As with any industry, over time, you may be able to advance in your career with hard work. Some entry-level and advanced roles could include:77


  • Industrial Maintenance Technician
  • Installation Technician
  • Field Service Technician
  • Boiler Technician
  • Plant Technician


  • Powerplant Operator
  • Facilities Manager
  • Maintenance Mechanic
  • Plant Operator
  • Major Component Mechanic

Invest in Your Future

Industries across the country rely on industrial maintenance technicians to maintain and repair important machinery. See how our program can teach you the skills for an exciting career.1

$59,830 Median annual salary* for industrial maintenance technicians60

*Not entry-level and is dependent on factors like experience, location, and employer compensation

16% Projected employment growth for industrial maintenance technicians from 2021 to 203164

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What skills do you need to be a maintenance technician?

    Maintenance technicians have strong attention to detail and great problem-solving abilities, and are always up for a challenge. Some type of training is typically required to get into this career in order to gain knowledge on topics like electrical theory, industrial heating and cooling, materials processing, and steam and gas turbines.

  • Is industrial maintenance a good career?

    Industrial maintenance is a common choice among those looking for a career in the energy industry. It can be a fulfilling career path for those who are analytical thinkers with strong problem-solving skills, and prefer hands-on work over sitting at a desk.

  • How long does it take to get a degree in industrial maintenance?

    The length of time it takes to get an education in industrial maintenance varies depending on the school you attend. At MIAT, you can graduate in 7 months at the Canton, Michigan, campus and 9 months at the Houston, Texas, campus.

  • How do I get started in industrial maintenance?

    There are a number of different ways to get started in the industrial maintenance industry. Some choose to learn skills on the job and work their way up. However, completing a formal training program like the one offered at MIAT can prepare you for a technician role in less than a year.1 You’ll graduate with hands-on experience and a skill set that can be applied to different industries.

  • What are the duties of a maintenance technician?

    Maintenance technicians are responsible for keeping machinery in good working condition. They check performance, diagnose problems, make repairs and replace parts when necessary. Their work is essential to the industries they support.

Train for a Career in Less Than a Year1

If a career in industrial maintenance sounds exciting to you, now’s a great time to get started on your training. Click the link below to connect with an Admissions Representative who can help you on your journey.