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Graduate Testimonials

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Vincent Lozada Knows It's Never Too Late to Gain an Education at UTI Dallas

"UTI was a big life changer, not only for me but for my family."


Working at Crown Equipment Corporation, a well-known forklift and lift truck company, is a second career for Vincent Lozada. He worked in warehouses and drove trucks and delivered products to hospitals before. “I wasn’t going anywhere,” he says. So he made a change. A big one.

After seeing a commercial on TV, Vincent checked out Universal Technical Institute and the mechanic job outlook, and he decided to give it a shot. It’s hard to change careers, especially when you’re almost 40. “But when you’re not happy,” Vincent says “you’ve got to fix that.” With hands-on classes and diligent professors, Vincent experienced an excellent learning environment at UTI and graduated from Dallas’ diesel tech program in 2016. He feels UTI taught him a lot about himself and that he’s now more dedicated and patient.

 “UTI was a big life changer, not only for me but for my family.” Vincent is a father of five kids.Caring for a big family, going to school and working all at the same time meant his days were long. But he knew he’d get out of it what he put into it, so he persisted. He encourages others who are considering UTI to take the chance and make the decision to enroll.. “If you’re thinking about it, stop thinking about it and go do it. It will change your life,” he says.

 Vincent had an idea of what he’d do when he finished at UTI. He set up four interviews with four very reputable companies. None of them seemed a good fit though. “I figured since I was going back to school, I might as well get what I want,” he laughs. What’s the point otherwise? At a career fair, Vincent came across Crown. The representative called him over to chat. Not being interested, he originally brushed him off. He didn’t want to work on forklifts. But he eventually walked over and humored the rep.

 “What are you looking for in a company?” the rep asked. Vincent listed off a few things he wanted. A career, not a job, something where he could go in early and be home for the family when they get home in the evening and somewhere he’d have his weekends and holidays. The rep didn’t flinch and responded with, ”What if I told you that you could have all of that plus your own vehicle, tools, training programs and advancement opportunities?”

Vincent thought he was joking: “You’re spillin’ a good game, but so is everyone else.” Vincent was skeptical but gave him the benefit of the doubt and set up an interview. Turns out, it really was a good game. Vincent doesn’t have the boss hounding him every day. He decides how he represents himself and what he does. He has freedom.“You get to go at your own pace,” he says.

Vincent is going back to school yet again next year. He’ll keep within the same field but wants to study business so he understands the bigger picture of what he’s doing each day. “I’d like to move up the ranks with Crown,” he says. Going back to school, he reflects, is a way to show his kids (and himself) that it’s never too late to get an education. As if speaking directly to his kids, he adds, “but you’re young, so do it now!”

Vincent’s life may have taken a few drastic turns, but today, thanks to UTI and his hard work, he has a career, not just a job.


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