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Jeff D'Ambrosio Auto Group


Our Company

Working in the service department at Jeff D'Ambrosio Auto Group Downingtown is a great opportunity for a multitude of reasons. First, we are well-known for our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, making it an ideal environment for students to gain practical experience and develop their skills.

Second, with a diverse range of brands under its umbrella, including Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, RAM, Volkswagen and Mitsubishi, working at Jeff D'Ambrosio Auto Group offers students the opportunity to work with a variety of vehicles, enhancing their technical knowledge and versatility. We have a strong reputation in the industry that enables students to establish valuable connections and opportunities for future career growth.



Additionally, Jeff D'Ambrosio Auto Group is highly regarded for its emphasis on employee training and development, providing a supportive workplace culture that nurtures growth and personal advancement. Lastly, being a part of Jeff D'Ambrosio Auto Group means joining a team that values integrity, professionalism, and teamwork, qualities that are foundational to success in the automotive industry.


Enrolled UTI students must apply to Employment Services by emailing