California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) Requests

Select California consumers may make certain requests related to their Personal Information under CCPA. Please note that these rights exclude job applicants, employees and business contacts. Only you, or a person registered with the California Secretary of State that you authorize to act on your behalf, may make a verifiable consumer request related to your Personal Information.

In order to process your request, take a few moments to complete the form below.

By submitting your request, you declare that the information you provide is correct to the best of your knowledge, that you are entitled to make the request and that you acknowledge transmitting personal information over the internet or via mail comes with inherent risks including that the information will be exposed to unauthorized individuals.

In order to fulfill your request, UTI will need to reasonably validate your identity. A UTI representative will contact you to obtain information necessary for this verification. We will then work to fulfill your request in a timely manner that complies with the legal requirements in your jurisdiction.