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This program is about total BMW immersion. It’s highly specialized and developed in collaboration with BMW.

Career Potential Overdrive
Shave off up to 3 to 8 years in the field in just 16 weeks. Talk maximizing time and earning potential!

Select students who excel in all areas of study and life receive the honor of being invited to answer the BMW call.

Tuition is Covered
BMW of North America and their dealerships looking to hire pay the tuition fees. (How sweet is that?!)


The BMW® Service Technician Education Program (STEP) is your jumpstart to becoming a Level One BMW technician. It’s an “invitation only” program designed to supercharge your skills and prepare you to be among the BMW elite.

BMW STEP Course Overview

It takes only 24 weeks of intense training for successful students to learn the skills needed to diagnose and repair the advanced technologies of BMW automobiles.

Coursework is focused in the following areas:

  • Technical Systems
    An introductory course covering basic models, drive train, features, information systems, service and maintenance, diagnostic equipment and BMW terminology.
  • Body Electronics I
    Covers basic electricity, battery, starting and charging systems. Also includes electrical troubleshooting and power management.
  • Body Electronics II
    Complete overview of bus communication systems including operation, diagnosis and repair. The car access systems and power management systems are also covered.
  • Body Electronics III
    This class will cover advanced body electronic systems. This includes audio, navigation, driver assistance and many other body electronic systems.
  • Passive Safety Systems
    This class will cover all safety systems including the Byteflight-based Passive Safety Systems. Technicians will learn system operation, diagnosis and repair.
  • New Engine Technology
    Covered material will include new engine fundamentals and basic measurements, New Generation engines including the N52, N62 and N73. Also covers the turbo charging systems.
  • Climate Control Function & Diagnosis
    Covers basic A/C theory as it applies to BMW vehicles as well as service procedures, equipment usage, special tools and advanced BMW climate control system operation/diagnosis.
  • Engine Electronics
    Covers the latest Engine Management Systems, technicians will be able to diagnose and repair all types of BMW engine technologies including, turbo charging, direct high pressure fuel injection, and Valvetronic.
  • Undercar Technology/Brake Systems Service and Diagnostics
    Covers all basic alignment angles and alignment procedures, suspension systems. This course also includes service and repair for BMW braking systems.
  • Chassis Dynamics
    In this course technicians will become familiar with BMWs advance chassis control systems including, active front steering, electronic power steering, electronic parking brake and electronic damping controls and tire/wheel mounting and balancing.
  • Introduction to Diesel Technology and Advanced Diesel Technology
    Covers BMW diesel engine technology, mechanical and electrical fundamentals. Also includes the advance emissions controls systems that are used on the current BMW models.
  • Sunroof Repair
    This course covers the proper diagnosis and repair of BMWs advanced panoramic sunroof systems.

We promise intense, demanding hands-on training for those wanting to become a Level One Technician at a BMW Center!