27 Jun, 2019

What Is Flux Core Welding?

Learn what flux core welding or flux cored arc welding (FCAW) is, what it's used for and the techniques taught at Universal Technical Institute.
27 Jun, 2019

What Is GMAW? MIG Welding at Universal Technical Institute

Discover what gas metal arc welding is, the industries it's used in and how you can prepare for a career in welding at UTI.
27 Jun, 2019

What is Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW)?

Learn how SMAW works, what it's used for, the benefits of SMAW welding and more.
27 Jun, 2019

What is Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) or GTAW Welding?

Learn how GMAW welding, also known as TIG welding, works as well as how it's used.
11 Jun, 2019

UTI Students Get an Inside Look at the Future of Volvo

Students in the UTI Volvo program were recently introduced to Volvo’s all-new model, the S60. Here's what they saw...
10 Jun, 2019

Peterbilt Technician Institute Comes to Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Want to become a diesel mechanic? Learn about the Peterbilt Technician Institute training program available at four UTI campuses, including Rancho Cucamonga, CA.
16 May, 2019

Summer Checklist for High School Students

Summer break is a great time to start thinking about the future. Click here to read our summer checklist for high school students.
13 May, 2019

NASCAR Tech Instructor Stacey Evans Paves the Way for Women in the Trades

Wondering what life is like for women in the trades? In this post, NASCAR Tech Instructor Stacey Evans is sharing her story.
10 May, 2019

5 Reasons to Enroll In Ignite 2019

Looking to get a head start on your post-secondary education? Learn all about Ignite, UTI’s program for incoming high school seniors.
07 May, 2019

Earn Credit Toward Your Post-Secondary Education—At No Cost

Ignite is UTI’s program for incoming high school seniors. Learn how you can get a head start on your technician training here.
06 May, 2019

Harley-Davidson’s Battle of the Kings: Buddy Stubbs Teams with MMI Students

Buddy Stubbs Harley-Davidson recently teamed up with Motorcycle Mechanics Institute (MMI) students to compete in Harley-Davidson’s Battle of the Kings.
09 Apr, 2019

10 Marketing Strategies for Your Auto Repair Shop

Own an auto repair shop? Here are 10 ways to market your business. Learn about email marketing, content, social media and more.
03 Apr, 2019

Bogi Lateiner Blazes a Trail for Technicians Across the Country

Meet Bogi Lateiner, host of All Girls Garage, owner of 180 Degrees Automotive in Phoenix and graduate from Universal Technical Institute.
02 Apr, 2019

YouTube's Humble Mechanic (Charles Sanville) Shares Business Tips

The Humble Mechanic, is a YouTube influencer and entrepreneur. He's also known as Charles Sanville, a graduate of Universal Technical Institute.
29 Mar, 2019

How a Life-Altering Event Changed One MMI Grad's Career

Lance Smeal is a graduate of the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute. He's also an entrepreneur and the owner of L-N-C Cycle Repair in Cottonwood, Arizona. This is his story.
28 Mar, 2019

Why Wide Open Mobile Tech's Elliott Deane Is a Rising Star

Elliott Deane is a dynamic leader, an entrepreneur, and a Motorcycle Mechanics Institute graduate. This is his advice for aspiring business owners.
25 Mar, 2019

English as a Second Language, Motorcycles as a First Love

Keino Sasaki owns Keino Cycles custom motorcycles in New York. He's also a graduate of Motorcycle Mechanics Institute. Read about his journey.
22 Mar, 2019

John Maxwell Graduated from MMI and Then Became a YouTube Star

John Maxwell graduated from Motorcycle Mechanics Institute in Orlando, Florida, but he's better known as, "The Harley Tech" on YouTube. This is his story.
13 Mar, 2019

Meet Formula Drift Racer and UTI Grad Chris Johnson

Meet Chris Johnson, a Universal Technical Institute graduate and Formula Drift driver. Chris shares how he broke into the industry.
18 Jan, 2019

What's It Like to Be a Career-Changer Student at UTI

Are you considering Universal Technical Institute? Learn about the support students get and why you might want to attend.
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