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At MMI, we’ve specialized motorcycle repair technician training on the world’s top brands to a new level–the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute (MMI). It gives your passion, bedrock knowledge.

Fulfill Your Passion
Get personalized training from real world experienced instructors who get bikes and know the difference between sport and touring.

Take on the Road
Earn credentials through MMI with one of our industry partner programs to boost your motorcycle technician earning potential in a state-of-the-art facility built to deliver the best.

“Gold Standard” Training
Learn the latest hands-on skills using “best of class” tools on domestic and foreign bikes - often straight off the assembly line.

Seal of Excellence
For decades MMI has been Industry’s Choice for manufacturer training. Learn how you can be a part of the tradition.

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MMI’s Core program is the “Gold Standard” of motorcycle technician training, and it fully integrates technologies and procedures used by dealerships across the country. You’ll learn engine operation, trouble shooting and diagnostics. How to max power and performance. You’ll get into fuel and electrical systems. It’s intense, rigorous “hands-on” training. After the core program, then choose a specialty:

Harley-Davidson® Kawasaki®/K-Tech Specialist
Suzuki®/FAST BMW® Motorrad
Yamaha®/YAMAPRO Honda®/HonTech

durationMMI’s Motorcycle tech training includes a 36 week Core Skills Program and one 12 week elective. Additional 12-24 week manufacturer specialty electives are optional and available. Classes start every 6 weeks.
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our industry partners

Want the opportunity earn your Harley PHD's? Learn more now about MMI's Harley Davidson® Endorsed Training Program through the Late Model Elective.

Be among the highest quality technicians servicing BMW Motorcycles and earn a BMW Level 1 Certification with MMI's BMW Motorrad elective.

Earn your Honda Pro Technician Routine Maintenance Certificate and become a registered HONDA Bronze Level Technician with this top-notch training in MMI's Honda HonTech® Elective.

Become a Registered Kawasaki Technician with the Kawasaki K-Tech Specialist Elective & learn the skills needed to work with Kawasaki models including the Vulcan-Classic™, Ninja™, & ZX™.

In Factory Authorized Suzuki Training (FAST), you'll earn your Suzuki Pro Bronze Recognition and get top-notch training on the latest Suzuki models including the GSX-R sportbike series, RM-Z, & more.

In Yamaha YamaPro®, you'll earn your Yamaha Silver Level Technician Certificate & work on models such as the YZF-R, YZ-F & Star as well as ATVs, UTV's, & more.