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Time Well Spent
Comprehensive hands-on training is highly specialized and gives students a leg-up on the competition.

Commitment to Success
Mastering the "Power of Cummins" requires you to be focused and driven by success.

More Career Options
Cummins Advanced Training will give you the edge to master the possibilities of a career with Cummins.

UTI Is Here To Help
Financial Aid is available to those that qualify. And UTI is here to help you with the application process.


In the Cummins Engines elective you’ll get certified on all Cummins mid-range and heavy-duty engines and all current Cummins systems. Learn in just 12 weeks what it takes others in the field 3-5 years to accomplish.

Cummins Engine Elective

The 12-week Cummins Engine elective gives you top-notch training on Cummins mid-range and heavy duty engines, which power everything from RV’s, emergency vehicles, buses and one out of every four tractor trailers on the road in the United States!

Upon successful completion of the program, you’ll be certified on all Cummins mid-range and heavy-duty engines and all current Cummins systems including:

  • BETT
  • Insite
  • QSOL
  • ISB/ISC/ISL CM850 Engine
  • ISB/ISC/ISL CM2150 Engine
  • ISB/ISC/ISL Engine Overhaul
  • ISM CM870/CM875/CM876 Engine
  • ISX NOW Engine Overhaul
  • ISX CM870/CM871 Engine

Cummins Engine training is a highly selective program. You must apply, meet certain qualifications, be interviewed, and then be accepted to become one of the Cummins elite.

And if you are the best of the best, you may be one of the select students to be endorsed into program by a Cummins distributor. As an endorsed student, you'll receive an employment guarantee, and be eligible for tuition reimbursement and a competitive wage and benefit packages. Neither UTI nor Cummins guarantees endorsement into a program.