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Mechanic? Technicians are the Career Path of the Future

In today’s world, you need an understanding of the parts that make up the vehicle and the computers that drive them. In other words, being a mechanic was once simply a job—being a highly trained technician is a career.

You’re in the right place. UTI is the industry’s choice for technician training.

Careers that Stay Domestic

Skilled vehicular technicians provide careers that won’t—that actually can’t—be outsourced. We don’t send our cars, motorcycles, trucks, boats or heavy machinery out of the country for repair.

Employment Services

Our partnerships with leading manufacturers provide a beneficial trade—they provide us with their latest equipment and vehicles, and we train students to maintain them. Because you’re trained on the latest technology, you’re immediately employable to dealers, manufacturers and other vehicle-related businesses.

In addition, graduates of UTI receive a lifelong commitment from us to assist with career advancement whether you want to relocate or simply search for that next great position.

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