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Graduate Testimonials

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Making Moves for CNC Machining: Michael Phelps’ Story


The journey of Michael Phelps into the world of CNC machining is a tale that needs to be told. He came from the bustling streets of New York but found his calling in the heart of North Carolina at NASCAR Tech's CNC Machining Technology training program.1

“I actually started machining up in New York and I wanted to learn more about it so I decided to come to school down here in North Carolina,” says Michael where he attended our Mooresville campus.

The transition wasn't a walk in the park. Swapping the urban sprawl for the Carolinas was quite the culture shock—one that ultimately seemed to be the right fit for Michael. “I have always wanted to move to the Carolinas so when I heard about this school I figured it was my sign to get down here. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it and I don’t plan on leaving any time soon,” he shares.

Besides an exciting new landscape, what has Michael so captivated you ask? Well, it's all about manufacturing. For as long as he can remember, he’s found an interest in the manufacturing side of things. “Realizing what you can do with CNC really interested me,” he confesses.

Many students are similar to Michael in the sense that they’re hands-on learners. “It’s definitely one of the best ways that I learn,” he says. All of our programs are designed for our students to learn through doing so that by the time they graduate, they’re familiar with the tools, technology and technique needed to pursue a career.1

It’s common for our students to find like-minded individuals in their programs and in their careers who share the same passion for the work they do. Michael is no different. “It’s definitely been helpful being around people that also enjoy the CNC part of it and it helps me learn from people who have more experience,” says Michael.

After graduation, Michael landed a job at Roush Yates Manufacturing Solutions. “Here at Roush Yates, we make a lot of NASCAR parts. So realizing that most of the NASCAR engine is made and assembled here is pretty cool,” he expresses.1

In Michael's view, attending a trade school is a great way to pave a path into the CNC industry. “Going to a trade school and moving on from there definitely helps get a jumpstart into the CNC industry,” he says. “It’s a trade that’s always going to be around. There’s always going to be manufacturing so I think CNC is great for people to get into.”

The crowning glory? Knowing the results of his hard work are distributed globally. "...knowing our parts are going all over the world is probably one of the best parts about it," he concludes.

So, if there's a desire for hands-on work and a passion for creating, why not consider training for a career in CNC machining? Just like Michael, your calling might just be waiting in the most unexpected of places!

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