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Why Jason Freeman of Technical Hot & Cold Prefers Our Grads


Welcome to the world of HVAC, where every day is a new challenge and learning opportunity.

The HVAC industry runs in Jason’s genes. With his family business, he only left the industry for a moment to attend college. Now the operations manager for Technical Hot & Cold, Jason has some insight into the industry and what’s needed to succeed as a new graduate.

What Makes a Great Hire in HVAC?

When it comes to starting out in the HVAC industry, it’s more than just skills and qualifications. It’s about attitude and aspirations, as Jason tells us.

“We want someone that is open-minded that’s still in the mindset that we can train with them, we can work with them,” says Jason. “Just a positive attitude looking for a great future in the HVAC field.”

Why Our Grads Make the Cut

For Technical Hot & Cold, our graduates are a preferred choice when seeking new employees.1 The quality of education they receive and their hands-on experience make them well-rounded starters. They're already familiar with the terminologies used in the field, which is a great bonus.

“We look for (graduates) because they seem to have a great quality of education that comes from the school, they really work hands-on with the students and they really know the terms we’re looking for when in the field,” Jason tells us. “They make a really well-rounded start of a technician that we’re looking for.”

The Value of Completing HVAC Training

Completing a program like our HVACR Technician training isn't just about gaining knowledge. It's about showing dedication to the field.

“(Completing the training) shows that they’re dedicated enough to go through a program, they put time into it, so we look at that as dedication into the field and that’s a great start to get them into our field and get them training and rolling into it,” says Jason.

If you're considering a career in HVAC, training in a program like ours will give you a solid head start. A little education can go a long way in this field and it's a great stepping stone toward becoming a journeyman or technician within a few years.

“My advice for someone getting into the career of HVAC would be definitely go to a school...that’s well-rounded into every one of their categories into teaching the HVAC,” says Jason. “It’ll give you a solid head start to get into the field. A little education can go a long way in the HVAC field and that’s what we like to look for.”

With HVAC, the career path is diverse. For example, new hires can venture into industrial, residential or commercial sectors. It's an exciting journey, and we can't wait to see where it takes our new students.

To learn more about our HVACR Technician program and how you can get trained in 39 weeks, head to our HVACR program page.

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