From Junkyard Cars to BMW Service Director Adam Silva

"As the dealership grows I’m always in contact with UTI as we recruit and try to get more technicians in here."


Adam Silva had a modest start in learning about cars. His family didn't come from money. So he had to learn on what was available. Junkyard cars and outboard motors were his starting point in learning the basics of mechanics.

From these meager beginnings he found his way into the auto industry. In 1980 he moved to Boston and landed a job at a shop that specialized in BMW and Honda. At this point in his auto career he had zero experience with BMWs.

He worked hard and moved up to the level of the service department in 1999. Today, he works at BMW of Peabody where he has the role of service director. But with any career, there aren’t any guarantees on where you’ll end up. But he sees the auto industry as full of potential opportunities.

“You have to do your time and do your training. In a year or two you could start moving up the ladder. Within four or five years you could become a master technician. You may not make all the money in the world your first year or two, but as you move you’ll get more experience which will help with your success.”

Adam knows what it’s like to work your way from the bottom and he’s here to help his techs with their own success in the auto industry.

“My job is to take technicians and our advisors and make them more successful. I’m trying to remove all of the roadblocks they may face and make things easier for them - and training is a big part of that.”

At BMW of Peabody they believe in giving their techs the opportunities to learn more and expand their skills. Mentorship is an important part of this. Newly hired employees work under master techs and team leaders. This collaboration builds up the their confidence. Adam feels that this makes them better at their jobs, decreasing the amount of mistakes they make, and boosting their productivity.

“If they are successful, they are happy employees – happy employees are going to do a better job. It’s a win-win for everybody.”

One of Adam’s main priorities is to hire new techs and make sure that they get this proper training. And he often looks to UTI as a source for new employees. 

“As the dealership grows I’m always in contact with UTI as we recruit and try to get more technicians in here.”

He thinks the best way to find new techs is to recruit them right after they graduate. Just as he had guidance in his own career, he’s there to help these new employees in finding their own direction. He doesn’t expect a recent grad to know everything but wants to bring on people on who have the basic skills and turn them into superstar techs.

Attitude also goes a long way along with skills and the desire to learn.

“I have two gentleman that are UTI grads, one is a master tech and the other is a shop foreman – they just have the right attitude. They don’t complain about anything and are always up for the challenge of fixing what’s wrong with a car.”

So where do you want to go with your career? Wherever you’re starting from, it helps to have determination, a strong work ethic and a positive attitude. Adam Silva knows this. And it helped him to get to where he is today.


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