In the 12-week Mopar TEC elective offered exclusively at NASCAR Tech, you’ll get the training and skills needed for a career in the FCA dealership network.* You’ll get hands-on experience with the same tools and technology used in FCA dealerships as you learn how to maintain, diagnose and repair Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Jeep, and Ram cars and trucks.

What is Mopar TEC? It’s a Manufacturer-Specific Advanced Training program covering everything from engine repair and performance to automatic transmissions, drivelines, chassis systems, electrical and body systems, diesel, A/C and heating. You’ll learn Mopar service procedures and how to troubleshoot problems of all kinds using the latest analyzers, handheld scanners and other computerized diagnostic equipment.

*UTI cannot guarantee employment or salary.


Mopar TEC graduates receive the training to qualify as Level 2 FCA technicians. This level of Fiat and Chrysler certified technician training is valued by FCA dealerships nationwide. It’s how Fiat and Chrysler careers can get started.


Course Objectives

What You'll Learn:

  • Mopar TEC 1
    Learn to use FCA tools and equipment. Get specialized training in the Tech Connect information system, Wi-Tech vehicle diagnostic system and the reprogramming of electronic control computers. Learn about internal vehicle system components.
  • Mopar TEC 2
    Gain knowledge of electrical power management, and fundamentals of gas and diesel engines, engine hardware, and engine management. Learn about power supply, distribution, repairing DTC-based issues and servicing engine systems.
  • Mopar TEC 3
    Learn to diagnose and repair diesel engine-equipped vehicle emissions and after-treatment systems according to Chrysler service procedures. Gain skills on mechanical and hydraulic automatic transmission control systems, brakes, suspensions and steering systems.
  • Mopar TEC 4
    Get advanced training on automatic transmissions as well as four-wheel and all-wheel drive systems. Learn about the latest eight- and nine-speed transmissions, drive axles and transfer cases.
Mopar training goes beyond what's under the hood
Get access to the same tools and technology used in Fiat dealerships

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