You’ve made the decision to enroll in the training program designed to launch your career as a professional technician. Just follow these step-by-step directions to get it all started.

Technician training at MMI can put you on a path that leads to a career as a professional technician. The future you want for yourself and your family is within reach – and it all starts by taking these 10 easy steps:
  1. Contact a MMI Admissions Representative. Your Admissions Rep will work with you to complete your enrollment paperwork and help you select the training program and campus that are right for you. If you don’t already have an Admissions Rep, contact us at 800-834-7308.
  2. Complete your FAFSA. This form will determine if you qualify for federal financial aid. Completing your FAFSA is easy and MMI’s FAFSA Service Center will walk you through the entire process.
  3. Apply for financial aid.1 There are thousands of sources of financial aid available and we’ll help you apply. Just contact MMI’s Financial Aid Department within 14 days of your enrollment to apply.
  4. Apply for scholarships.1 Get started at the MMI Scholarship web page. More than $15 million in sponsored scholarships were made available to MMI and UTI students in 2016.
  5. Submit your diploma or GED. As soon as you graduate from high school, provide your Admissions Rep with a copy of your diploma or GED.2
  6. Tour your campus. Take a tour of the campus you plan to attend so you can check out the facilities where you’ll train and meet your instructors.
  7. Make your housing arrangements. Need to find a place to live while you train? Our MMI Housing Services team will help you locate an affordable apartment near campus.
  8. Start saving. You’ll need money to cover your living expenses while you start school. We recommend that you plan on having at least $1,500 or at least $2,000 if you’re relocating.
  9. Attend a Future Student Workshop. You’ll learn everything you need to know for preparing to succeed in school.
  10. Attend an Orientation & Registration session.
That’s it. You’re ready to start the hands-on, high-tech training that will jump-start your career. The sooner you take that first step, the sooner you’ll be on your way to achieving your career goals as a professional technician. Specialists on the MMI team will be there to support and assist you at every step.

1 Financial aid and scholarships are available to those who qualify. Specific conditions, criteria and awards vary by state. For more information about financial aid, visit

2 Prior to starting or re-enrolling, Tennessee residents attending the Orlando or Houston campus must provide official high school transcripts, GED scores or state-authorized equivalent exam scores. In addition, all students attending the NASCAR Tech campus must provide official high school transcripts, GED scores or state-authorized equivalent exam scores prior to starting or re-enrolling.

For information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the program and other important information, visit our website at

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