After you complete your training program and graduate, what comes next? A team of MMI professionals is hard at work to help you find employment opportunities and launch your technician career.1

As you train at MMI, your ultimate goal is landing a great job as a professional technician. Getting your career started is our goal, too.

At the MMI campus, you’ll find a wide range of services designed to help you find employment and start your career – and a team of professionals who will help you take full advantage of those services.

Connecting You with Employers
Employment Services specialists at the MMI campus are dedicated to helping you succeed – not only in school but also after graduation. Our employment professionals are constantly working to identify job opportunities and connect students with potential employers even before they graduate.

Programs and services are available right on campus to help you begin your job search while you’re still in training. And there’s absolutely no cost to use these services, which include:
  • Part-time employment assistance – Find local job opportunities to bring in some income while you’re in training.
  • Résumé development – We’ll help produce your professional résumé to present to potential employers.
  • Interview training – Employment specialists provide coaching to help strengthen your interviewing skills.
  • Nationwide job database - Technician job openings with employers across the country are available in our database that’s continually updated.
  • On-campus interviews – You’ll have numerous opportunities throughout the year to meet face-to-face with potential employers. Some employers even have hired MMI students on the spot.
  • Career development classes – Special training to prepare you to succeed in a professional environment.
  • On-campus career fairs, graduate fairs and employer days – Discuss job openings with recruiters from numerous companies that are looking to hire.
  • Electronic job boards – The MMI campus maintains a local job board, a job board for dealerships seeking to hire graduates of OEM training programs, a job board for graduates and an incentive job board for employers offering hiring incentives to trained technicians.
  • Job bank website – Local and graduate job postings are also available online.
  • Graduate support – You’ll have access to MMI’s graduate employment services throughout your technician career.

Industry Relationships
MMI’s industry relationships and manufacturer programs give our graduates an inside track at great jobs with major employers.1

Our manufacturer-specific training makes it possible for MMI students to train on marine products from some of the world's top manufacturers, including Mercury Marine, Suzuki Marine, Yamaha Marine, Honda Marine and Volvo Penta. This highly specialized training makes MMI graduates more attractive to these employers.

Graduate Incentive Programs
MMI graduates are known throughout the industry for bringing serious skills and a high degree of professionalism to the workplace. Our reputation is so strong that many employers hire our graduates exclusively and some even offer incentive programs to attract and retain MMI-trained technicians. We work with employers nationwide that offer a variety of incentive programs, including the following:
  • Tuition Reimbursement Program (TRIP)2 – Employers agree to pay all or part of the student loan payments for the MMI graduates they hire
  • Military sign-on and retention packages – Bonuses are offered to MMI graduates who are veterans of military service
  • Tool programs – Some employers award a toolbox and tools to employees after a certain length of employment
  • Relocation assistance – To help newly hired MMI graduates relocate for jobs, some employers pay for the cost of moving trucks, storage units, housing deposits, utilities and temporary housing
  • Sign-on bonuses– Employers that offer this incentive are typically located in high-demand regions or industries

Alumni Community
As a graduate, you’ll be able to network with your fellow MMI alumni through the UTI Connect alumni association. Connecting with our alumni community will help you stay in touch with your fellow classmates and keep up with job opportunities.

At MMI, you’ll get the hands-on, high-tech skills that employers need. And when you graduate, a team of professionals will help you put those skills to work and get your technician career started.

1 MMI cannot guarantee employment or salary.
2 Incentive programs and employee eligibility are at the discretion of the employer and available at select locations. Special conditions may apply. Talk to potential employers to learn more about the programs available in your area.

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