Student Services

  • Do you supply books and tools to use while in school?

  • Do you offer a health/medical plan for students?

  • Is there tutoring available?

  • Do you offer job search assistance?

  • How will you help me find a job after I complete the program?

  • How and when do I apply for financial aid?

  • I know I do not qualify for financial aid. Do I still need to apply?

  • What types of jobs will be available to me while I am in school?

  • What employment opportunities will be available to me upon graduation?

  • Will I be ASE certified upon graduation?

  • How much vacation time do I get?

  • Will I have to register my vehicle in the state where my campus is located?

  • Does UTI/NASCAR Tech/MMI help locate housing?

  • When will I receive my schedule?

  • Do I get to choose my session?

  • What if I am working and my class schedule conflicts with my work schedule?

  • What additional expenses must I pay prior to starting class?



  • Do you offer degrees?

  • What about the manufacturer specific "graduate programs"?

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