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Our team is here to help ensure you have the support to assist the students you serve and they are successful.

We Provide

A dedicated department of full-time employees for all local agency counselors and staff.

A single point of contact for agency staff to assist with:

  • ’Document completion
  • Financial aid information and needs analysis*
  • Billing and invoicing
  • Notification of enrollment changes
    (e.g., withdrawals, leaves of absence)
  • Progress reports
  • Contract and state ETPL management
  • Graduation/placement notification
  • General inquiries and information
  • Facilitating communication with UTI campus staff
  • Veteran Services

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*Financial aid is available to those who qualify.

Student Outcomes

As the nation’s leading provider of technician training in the automotive, diesel, motorcycle and marine industries, UTI’s true measures of success are the achievements of our graduates. Consistently high student graduation and employment rates demonstrate a commitment to our students and industry partners.

Here are some quick facts comparing UTI to 2-year public colleges.

As few as 10 1/2 months Career-specific courses 59%* 85%**
2 years Certain academic courses (English, history, math, etc.) in addition to career-specific courses 22%* Most not required to make rate public

Based on the rates in the table above, let’s compare possible results in each setting:

If 100 students go to UTI, we would expect 59 to graduate and 50 of those graduates to find employment in their fields of study.

If 100 students go to 2-year public colleges, 22 of them likely would graduate. Even with 100% employment, only 22 students likely would find jobs.

Which choice would you make? Sometimes a little extra investment results in a much bigger payoff.

UTI has more manufacturer relationships, and consistently graduates and places more technicians in the transportation industry than any other school in the country. Our industry relationships mean students will learn the most current technology, hands-on, in labs outfitted for their success.

That is why 4 out of 5 UTI graduates find employment in their fields of study.

Visit to learn more about the programs we offer and to find out how UTI can help students find successful careers in the transportation industry.

*Rate at 150% of normal time to completion. National Center for Education Statistics.
**Approximately 11,400 of the 12,200 UTI graduates in 2012 were available for employment. At the time of reporting, approximately 9,600 of those available were employed within one year of their graduation dates, for a total of 85%. UTI cannot guarantee employment or salary. 

Agency Disclosure

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Employment Rates

Grad Rates

Contact an agency representative at: 1-866-958-3714