Ford/AAA Student Auto Skills Competition

Ford/AAA Student Auto Skills Competition

This nationwide automotive technology competition is co-sponsored by AAA and Ford Motor Company to encourage young people to pursue careers as automotive service technicians. Winners in state-based and national hands-on skills competitions can win various levels of scholarships from UTI, including tuition for the Ford Accelerated Credential Training (FACT) elective.


Each participating high school automotive technology instructor must select two students (juniors or seniors) to take an online written exam. Teams are limited to two students per instructor. In most states, the 10 teams scoring the highest on the exam advance to the hands-on state finals scheduled each year between mid-April and mid-May. The winning two-person team plus their instructor are provided expense-paid trips to the national finals in June. At the national competition, the same written exam and hands-on competition format are followed, with a new but different "bugged" Ford vehicle. Teams must perform the highest quality workmanship in the lowest total time.

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